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Original review from September 2006, updated May 2021.

This spring Pleasure Pools Inc. installed a 33’ kidney shaped swimming pool in my back yard. Construction included a solar panel on one side of my garage roof, and an extended concrete pool deck.

All of the work has been executed in a most professional and pleasant way, and in a very short time, the work was completed in only a few weeks.

I have been able to enjoy the pool all summer long, and with the solar panels I will be able to do so well into September.

I would like to thank all of the staff of Pleasure Pools Inc. for their work and dedication. I can highly recommend the company to anybody contemplating building a swimming pool, or a similar facility.

Peter R. Schatens, RPF
Excavator breaking ground for a new poolCompleted kidney pool

P.S. Today, 6 May 2021, I would like to add that in the 15 years I have to pool I have enjoyed this facility tremendously, great yearly service with opening and closing the pool by Ray and his staff and any other small issue which happens when time passes.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Pleasure Pools. We would like to thank all team members of Pleasure Pools including Raymond and Jeff, for building our pool last year and laying the paving stones in our driveway and the area around the pool.

The decision to build a pool was a bit daunting but Raymond made the entire process from beginning to end very easy. His vast knowledge about pools and landscaping is evident in his workmanship and attention to detail. His crew was fast, professional and efficient.

We are pleased that we chose Pleasure Pools to build our pool and have not regretted our choice for one minute.

True to Raymond’s word, our Fox pool was very easy to operate and maintain, which allowed us plenty of time to maximize our enjoyment of the pool last summer.

From the start of our search process, we found Pleasure Pools to be very competitive, dependable, and responsive and would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in building a pool. Our family enjoyed the interaction with the team, especially those we had the greatest level of contact with, Raymond and Jeff, as both were very responsive when contacted.

Thank you for making our experience a good one and we would like to extend our thanks to the entire Pleasure Pools team, as last summer was the most fun summer we have had in a long time!


The McAdam Family

We had always wanted a beautiful pool but we knew that on our steeply sloped lot it was going to be a complex undertaking. Luckily, we met Raymond of Pleasure pools and we were confident that we had the perfect person to help us realize this dream. As issues arose, as they always will in any home improvement project, Raymond was there to offer expert advice and walk us through what approach would be best to make things work. He was always, positive and prompt in his approach and we knew that we could rely on him to keep things moving forward.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result and are truly delighted with our pool. It was a pleasure working with Raymond and his team. What is so important to us is that we continue to have a relationship with Pleasure pools as they help us maintain our pool and seamlessly close down our pool at the end of the season.

We can’t thank Raymond of Pleasure Pools enough for helping us to create our vision of a backyard with a pool that has become our personal oasis.

Todd and Jen Lindsay

We purchased our Fox Pool from Pleasure Pools 15 years ago and have had many, many enjoyable summer days in it! Raymond and his team brought exceptional professionalism when building the pool and the landscape around it. Customer service is always paramount with Raymond no matter what time of day or what type of issue, Raymond has always been there to assist! We have maintained a relationship with Raymond/Pleasure Pools since then and very much look forward to the opening of our pool every Spring!

We would wholeheartedly recommend Pleasure Pools and Raymond’s team!

Sheilagh Reigh and Bill Simmons

Raymond and the Pleasure Pools crew installed a pool for us and landscaped the surrounding area a few years ago. We have a very challenging sloped back yard; and Raymond’s creative use of retaining walls has given us a beautiful backyard oasis.

I was impressed with Raymond’s professionalism and knowledge of the product he sells. We installed an in floor cleaning system and have appreciated how easy it is to keep the pool clean.

We’ve had a great experience with Pleasure Pools, and continue to recommend them to others.

Tedd and Ann Howard

Ray and Pleasure Pools installed our pool and landscape pavers 11 years ago.

We are more than pleased with the quality and workmanship. Pleasure Pools estimate was not the lowest of the 3 estimates we got back then, but we have never regretted going with Ray. The X frame construction is so solid. We have noticed the concrete around other pools seem to crack or shift over time. Our concrete is identical as when it was first placed. The pavers they installed for our driveway and pathways still look great.

Their customer service has been second to none. We highly recommend Pleasure Pools to anyone that is thinking of installing a new pool and landscape pavers.

Pat and Sue Beaven

Raymond Erhardt of Pleasure Pools and landscaping installed an inground pool in the spring of 2018 at the same time as I was having my new home constructed. I can't say enough good about how accommodating and flexible, competent and kind Raymond was throughout the construction and commissioning of the pool. Raymond had to work with and around many of the construction trades people and sometimes he had access to the site and other times he didn't. I am sure this had to be frustrating but Raymond and all his staff were always friendly, helpful and always professional.

During the install of the pool we encountered some challenging issues with the lot and again Raymond came to rescue and installed some of the nicest looking retaining walls which really enhanced my entire backyard. Raymond not only installs pools but he also does beautiful landscaping and retaining wall construction. I am so glad that I decided to go with Pleasure Pools as I have always found Raymond and his team a pleasure to deal with.

I might also add that my pool is virtually problem free. I am not very mechanically inclined and I was worried that I would struggle with the water chemistry. I have had no problem with my UV light filtration system, it is worth every penny.

I highly recommend Raymond and his team of professionals for any pool install or landscaping at your home or business. I have continued to use Pleasure Pools for all my pool maintenance, opening and closing.

Debbi Ross, Okanagan Falls, BC

Pleasure Pools built a pool for us in 2013.  We were happy with their work - on budget and on time.  Ray was easy to work with and he accommodated all of our needs.  His crew worked safely and left the job site in excellent condition.  We would recommend Pleasure Pools to anyone planning to build a pool.

Thanks Ray for a job well done.

Brian Harrison

Attn: Raymond Erhardt

I am writing this as a letter of reference, from my husband and myself, for the crew of Pleasure Pools who recently installed a Fox pool in our back yard.

From the initial phone call I made to Pleasure Pools, I was impressed with Ray`s professionalism and true customer service. He arrived the next evening at our house when he told me he would, and took the time to go through the Fox Pool brochure and give us pros/cons of the various shapes and sizes of pools available. He then put together a quote, on letterhead, which we received by email the next day, based on the size and shape we thought we wanted, which laid out clearly what was included in the prices given, as well as pricing on the various extras we could consider.

As we were looking at our money situation and options, Ray sent us a further email advising that there was a special promotion on one key element which I, in particular, required due to the advanced osteoarthritis in my knees – walk-in stairs. This made all the difference in pricing and we proceeded to advise Ray that we wanted to go ahead. At the time of ordering, we enquired how long it would take to have the pool up and running. Ray advised that we should be in the pool first week of July – and we were!

While the crew were here working in the yard, each and every one of them were polite and very people-oriented – ie when coming into the house to get water or use the washroom, they all knocked on the door first. They all had Ray`s work ethic and put in many hours in the heat.

Over and above all this, Ray was very accommodating when asked to do extra things, both pool-wise as well as concerning the yard. For example, my husband had not laid sod before, so Ray offered his expertise and used his BobCat to level the area out, arranged for topsoil, and helped George to install the sod.

George and I can`t say enough good things about Ray and his crew. We would not hesitate to recommend ordering from Pleasure Pools and working with Ray. We love our pool and yard! Thanks for a wonderful experience, Ray!


Cindy and George Furtado

We recently had the pleasure of having a FOX pool installed by Pleasure Pools of Kelowna.

The pool was up and running when it was supposed to be and we are very happy with the job that was done by Raymond / Glen and their crew.

We chose the Fox brand after careful research. One important factor was the quality of the equipment. Another was the fact that Pleasure Pools have been in business a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend a Fox pool installed by Pleasure pools to anyone. We received what we contracted for at the price that was agreed without any surprises. The pool was up and running when it was supposed to be and we are enjoying it immensly.

Raymond and Glen have a very good crew working for them. They were always polite and did their best to answer questions about the process as it moved along. This is our first pool and it has turned out to be a pleasurable experience.

We made the right choice in picking a Fox Pool installed by Pleasure Pool and would like to commend Pleasure Pools on a job well done. Thank You!

Mike and Marlene Dunn - Kelowna B.C.

Just a quick note.

We are located in Kelowna BC and have just had our pool upgraded by Pleasure Pools to a Fox unit. We would like to to express how happy we are with the end result. Your products are excellent and Raymond & Glen were just a joy to work with.

Pleasure Pools handled our project efficiently and professionally from start to finish. We would not hesitate to give their team a recommendation of the highest order to anyone interested.

Many thanks,

Dale & Hedy Wentworth - Kelowna, BC
This past spring Pleasure Pools installed our Roman Fox pool with great workmanship & pride as even the two brothers that run the Co. were in the deep end shoveling dirt & cement. They take pride in their work as the finished product looks beautiful & the workmanship was first class.

We are enjoying our pool thanks to Pleasure Pools staff that did a outstanding job for us from start to finish. We look foreword to seeing the guy's next spring for the pool start up.

Jim & Trish Mazzei - Kelowna BC

I hope you take the time to read this note as I have been very satisfied with my experience of having a pool installed in my backyard by Pleasure Pools.

From the beginning I found Raymond very good to deal with as he explained the best layout for the pool I had chosen. His experience in pools and landscaping make him very valuable in communicating not only how a Fox pool will look and function after being installed but also how an owner's pool can look and operate the best in its surroundings. The price of the installed pool was well quoted and Raymond did not once have to approach me on extras which he had not included in the total price.

The quality of a Fox pool is excellent. I appreciated the fact that Pleasure Pools took the time to explain the structure of the Fox Pool which ultimately was a deciding factor for me. I had previously gone on site and witnessed other pools being installed where compactors were being used right up the edge of the pool, and where the half installed pools were full of water to prevent the walls from collapsing during backfilling. The X bracing and fully supported pad around the edge of a Fox pool makes good sense and I am certainly appreciative of Pleasure Pools for their ability to explain this and even more so for their ability to perform a professional installation.

We used the pool almost every day this last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maintenance was amazingly easy largely due to the superior installation of the salt water generator, pump, filters, edging, lights, etc. The pool was so well installed that we also had Pleasure Pools do a significant paving stone project around the pool and one side of our house. I am very happy with their price, timing and hard work on this project as well. I would love to show you some pictures but I still have to complete some landscaping.

All in all, a very good experience working with Pleasure Pools. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends, neighbors and others interested in a backyard pool. I am aware that this note is qualifying Pleasure Pools to receive an excellence and service award and I would be proud of them all if they received it.


Marlin Toews - Kelowna BC, Canada

I would like to pass this letter to your company regarding the purchase and installation of a Foxxx pool.

After receiving 3 quotes from all the pool installers in the Penticton market, I awarded your company the contract based on the following consideration.

1. Your presentation was the most informative in giving me a full understanding of the quality of the Foxxx pool system. The most impressive features that all the other competitors did not have or could not supply were;
a) the double X beam bracing the pool wall every 4 feet.
b) the option of the bottom drain in the deep end is a must for proper pool cleaning.
c) the snap in the winter cover leaves the pool looking neat and tidy for the winter.

2. Once we had decided on a start date for construction you had given me a 14 day completion time frame. From start to finish you were right on track and finished on the 14 day. Your timelines on this project showed your commitment to your product and your customer.

3. To facilitate the construction of the pool we had to access the pool area through my neighbors yard. Both myself and my neighbor were very impressed with your professional attitude in maintaining a responsible construction project. The impact to my neighbours yard was best described as minimal. Bringing in an excavator, dump trucks, bob cat, and concrete trucks resulted in limited turf damage, that only required top dressing to rehab. 

4. Lastly, the price of the overall project was approx. 10% higher than the other quotes, but as I have stated, the quality and the professional job performed was to me worth considerably more than the difference in price.

I would like you to feel free to use my name and this letter of reference for any future quoting you may have. Thank you for the expert job you and your company did during the project.

My family also thanks you, as the kids love the pool and have asked me why I didn't have the pool installed sooner.


Barry R. Wood - Penticton, BC, Canada

This letter is to advise that we were very pleased with the work of Jared and George Erhardt of Pentiction Pleasure pools of Penticton, B.C. The quality and construction of the job they did on our pool in Osoyoos was very well done. We found Jared, George and their crew to be very pleasant, they followed up and were very conscientious in trying to complete the pool to their high standards.

We were very happy with the Fox pool design, and feel the pool has a pleasing design and style and is structurally very strong. The added feature of the optic lighting is exceptionally beautiful and helps to enhance the design and shape of the pool. Also, the tile inserts at the top of the pool liner adds a pleasant touch to the pool.

In all we are very pleased with our new pool and would highly recommend the work of Jared and George Erhardt of Pleasure Pools and the design and structure of Foxxx Pools.

Yours truly,

Marvin and Brenda Gaertner - Osoyoos, BC, Canada

In 1987 we purchased a Fox Pool from George Erhardt of Penticton Pleasure Pools. We have found the pool to be of excellent quality and very easy to maintain. This being the third pool we have owned I can assure you it has many advantages over the competition. The floor drain for example makes cleaning very simple and if we keep our chemicals in balance vacuuming is almost non existent. Most of the settled dirt is brushed into the flow drain pick up which makes cleaning very easy.

The outstanding feature has to be the winter cover which attaches to the special track in the coping. This feature has been great! The first winter cover lasted 8 years an it always makes the pool look tidy over the winter months.

George has been great for service and is always willing to help when called. I highly recommend Penticton Pleasure Pools and the Foxxx pool to anyone looking for a great swimming pool.


Roy Phillips - Penticton, BC, Canada

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